Choosing your Wedding DJ 101: Questions that you need to Ask!

Whether you are the wedding planner, or it is your own wedding, a good wedding DJ is a must! Everyone focuses on the food, catering, cake, dress and transport. Everyone forgets about the importance of the wedding DJs! Without a proper DJ, you can run into a lot of trouble. Miss out on essential announcements, […]

How to Take Great Care of Your Musical Instruments While Travelling

Well it won’t be wrong to say that a musical instrument is the best friend of a musician, and just like you take care of your friends, you must also take care of your musical instruments. Are you looking for a guitar, flute or electric organ for sale in the UK? If you research thoroughly, […]

6 Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ To Make Your Special Day Flawless

Are you planning your Big Day soon? Are you trying your best to make the day simply perfect? Do you have everything under control? Are the flowers selected, venue booked, wedding DJ confirmed and vows written? Are you looking for an experienced wedding DJ in Melbourne? Be prepared to have the best day of your […]