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 Welcome to the DJ Approved.Com Article Section.  This article was submitted by Don Ray Wornstaff.

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By Don Ray Wornstaff of Hot Music Mix


Since I am the owner of a professional multi-dj business I have to stay on top of ALL the details with my clients. We have served thousands of brides and grooms since 1987 with SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, so missing even a small detail can mean disaster.


Our company entertains at approximately 275 weddings and about 100 parties a year. The first thing we do is verify all the names, dates, times, and location of every event we are to perform. While closing in on the date of one wedding reception, I made sure all of the information about the job was correct, or so I thought.


With two hours to go before show time, one of my my top DJs was on location and ready with everything including back-up equipment, or so HE thought. We also own a a variety store where my wife happened to be talking with a pleasant lady who was dressed to the nines and mentioned that it was a beautiful sunny day for a wedding. As the conversation continued, they both discovered it was "her daughter's wedding" they were talking about.


Then the (happy) conversation changed when "Mom" said the reception was not 25 miles away but 2 miles down the street! My wife called me at the wedding I was at, I looked at a copy of the contract, and IT had the location listed as that where my DJ was waiting for somebody to open the door, 25 miles away! We got our DJ on the phone and he flew there, set up and started 5 minutes LATE!


Monday morning, "Mom" called me and wanted a refund, stating "you said you provide SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" and your DJ was late. We came to an agreement that the "bride" signed the contract and was entitled to a partial refund for "communication breakdown", regardless of who failed to communicate.


It didn't matter that my DJ and I had talked with the bride 3 times the week before the wedding including the day before and no change in venue was mentioned. So, without sounding stupid, I now confirm EVERY detail with the client so I can continue to provide "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!


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