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Communication is Key With All Your Clients - We had an experience at a wedding with our DJ and with the bride and groom.  There was really no communication with us and the wedding party we needed to entertain.  We tried numerous tries to contact the party via e-mail and telephone but never had any response. Read Article>>

Trying To Find A Wedding DJ? - Mike Connolly from Mike Connolly Sound Productions gives you all you tips you need to help find an entertainer that will make your event a success!  Read Article>>

Communication With Client - Don Ray Wornstaff explains that a fault in this area could spell disaster for both DJ & client.  Take a look at what he does to give client's that "Satisfaction Guaranteed".  Read Article>>

More Communication With Client - Jeffrey Bryer of Events R Us adds to the big issue that communication with your client is extremely important; "I think that communication if one of the key principles in a creating successful event."  Read Article>>

Karaoke! It's A Job Sometimes Too - How many times have you heard this line before, "Hey man were getting ready to leave so can you squeeze me in?"   Chance Munsterman explains that this is something you may have herd before.  Read Article>>

Putting Up With The Outspoken Guest -  We've all had those events where someone in the crowd isn't quite happy with the wedding or the reception, so they target the Disc Jockey.    Most of us may call the cops on those who annoy us, Terry Smith of Music On The Move handles it with great skill.  Very interesting story!  Read Article>>

To Eat, Or Not To Eat - If you're like me, it's hard enough to make sure you have everything you need to do a perfect job let alone bringing a cache of food and drink to suck up behind the console or while driving to and from a job.  Read Article>>

Finding School Dance DJ's - Have you ever considered how affordable the disc jockey actually is?  Many DJ services sell their services based on a package price or by the hour which can often seem like a lot of money for a student dance.  Read Article>>

Digital Music . . . Today - Anthony Ace explains his love of the new game, the Digital DJ Game.  This is a great article where he shares his digital world experience.  Read Article>>

Kool Karl Helps You Find A KJ - With the steadily increasing popularity of Karaoke, more and more holiday festivities are now including Karaoke as part and parcel of the party. From family gatherings and reunions to corporate celebrations and wing-dings, the cry is being heard “I wanna’ sing!”  Read Article>>

Beyond The Hora - So you’ve got a Jewish party coming up and they want to do some folk dancing, more than just the customary hora. Here are a few well-known Israeli folk dances that we have used at parties.  Read Article>>

Last Minute Bookings - The weekend approaches and you did not have a gig booked. Then, the phone rings and a client desperately needs a DJ for a party on Saturday night, only a few nights away.  Read Article>>

Making A Scary School Impression - DJ Rick of An Affordable DJ shares his experience of equipment fairer; but what's worse?  The event is for kids at a school where he teaches.  Read Article>>

A New DJ Era - The PC has changed the way companies do business. That’s what the MP3 hardware/software system is all about.  A whole new way of approaching music, in a very organized way.  Read Article>>

Stop, Look & Listen - The first track, the one my bride wanted played, featured Amanda Plummer (a wonderful actress) opening with a plethora of obscenities, and we won't go it to great detail, but it was pretty bad.  Read Article>>

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