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 Welcome to the DJApproved.Com Article Section. This article was submitted by Chance Musterman.

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Karaoke! It's A Job Sometimes Too...

By Chance Munsterman of Bravo Enterprises, Inc


How many times have you heard this line before, "Hey man were getting ready to leave so can you squeeze me in?"  Or maybe you have had a few of the sneaky types who like to put different names on your request forms and have different people bring them up to you.  Believe me if this has never happened to you, I can speak from experience, one day it will.  By no means am I being cynical, I love my work and I have the opportunity to talk to a lot of very talented people, but every once in a while, being a Karaoke host is not all play.

So how do you handle these types of situations?  Well there is no real answer, but if you stick to a policy, don't ever break it because you will get caught by someone.  The hardest thing to do when hosting a Karaoke show is make the people understand you are here for them, but keeping in mind that your ultimate task is to increase bar revenues.  This is what it all amounts to.  If the bar doesn't make money, neither do you.  So the answer to someone who comes to you and says they are leaving after they sing is, "No."  You know they are leaving because they told you so and that is one less person generating revenue.  This also takes away time from those who are being patient, waiting for their turn to sing and spending money in the meantime.

I politely tell them that they will have to wait their turn in order to sing and that it would not be fair for me to put them ahead of everybody.  We as humans no matter what the reason maybe hate people to cut in front of us.  Whether it be standing in line at the movies, driving on the freeway, and especially at a Karaoke show.  Now every once in a while you will make someone mad, or you will have someone come to you and beg and plead, but as long as you are firm in your policy things will work out fine.  Most people will understand, and if you ever do just let that one person in they will take advantage of you forever.

The last thing you ever want to do when hosting a Karaoke show is to play favorites.  Friends, family, or even bar owners and waitresses all should be equal, otherwise you will have more angry patrons than happy ones.  You will ultimately always have control of your request slips during the night, and yes certain circumstances arise that require you to move people around a little, but be fair and understanding to all situations and everything will work out fine.  Being a KJ is having fun and being a diplomat.  As a matter of fact, after I'm done hosting shows I'll probably apply to the United Nations and become Ambassador of some country.  When they ask me what kind of experience I have, I can tell them that I was a Karaoke host� I�m sure I�ll get hired immediately.


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