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 Welcome to the DJ Approved.Com Article Section.  This article was submitted by Mike Rogalski.

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A New DJ Era . . .

By Mike Rogalski of Dr. Disco Digital



Are you ready for a major paradigm shift in the DJ industry?  It’s already here and established.....MP3.  Where’ve you been?


When the CD started to outplace vinyl (if only temporarily) it was drastic--no more careful cueing, and music went digital--no more noise.  State of the art CD changers now do a lot, but searching for what you want to play next hasn’t fundamentally changed.  Then CD ROM burners made making compilations a little easier.   You could create your own segues ahead of time.  Slowly the DJ got out from under the pressure of creating song segues,  to becoming an entertainer.


The PC has changed the way companies do business. That’s what the MP3 hardware/software system is all about.  A whole new way of approaching music, in a very organized way.


Marshall Mc Cluhan said “The Medium IS the Message”.  What MP3 IS will dictate what DJ’s DO.


            Turned off by working a mouse instead of a turntable? The biggest valid obstacle to DJ’s accepting a computer as a musical partner has been a real-world mechanical interface.  They’re now here!   Numark and AMDJ, among others internationally,  made this a reality.  The only way to really know how important a step this is, is to try one of them. They work and feel just like a real CD changer, in addition to providing some very sophisticated database operations.  You can play a CD backwards, add 8 different audio effects  and vary the speed by 50% without losing pitch.  Jacket liner info, cue points, and other information  is stored right within your song file.  Your skills go with your music.  Compilations take minutes to create.  Any song is 10 seconds away!


Storage Capacity Creates New Concepts


MP3 makes it possible to store large volumes of music on one hard drive.

What does that mean to you?  Instead of two large CD or vinyl disk coffins to lug around,  your whole sound system (minus the subwoofers) could fit in the back seat of your car. You start the night without anti-perspirant.  You don’t leave any of your songs at home. Passwords lock out wannabe DJ’s from meddling. No stolen CD’s when you turn your back.




With my mp3 system, in five minutes maximum, I can create an anticipated play list.  If I call up a preset configuration file, it takes all of about 10 seconds. You can create micro lists of music selections to use when you see a song type that is hot at the moment. And you can save that hot playlist that worked tonight, for another night.  I know a playlist doesn’t take into consideration how the crowd is feeling at the moment, but it DOES put all the music you want in front of you, for decision-making. You can use autopilot for long musical sequences, but how far you take that is up to you.  Think “outside the box”, for new creative schemes.


Dr. Disco Digital provides 3” rack-mounted computer interfaces to bring these new products right to the music scene.  For more information and pictures of these systems of the future, go to the Dr. Disco website at http://www.drdisco.com and click on the Digital link or email Dr. Disco Digital at djdrdisco@email.com


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