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 Welcome to the DJ Approved.Com Article Section.  This article was submitted by Joe Ewing.

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By Joe Ewing of Chariot Music Express


We were at a reception recently the bride had requested a Dick Dale tune off the Pulp fiction soundtrack. Well, I had the foresight to listen to the disc before the big day. Upon review of the album I noticed that the Idiot who complied the CD had put sound bites from the actual movie on the album.  These little gems are not separated from the music on the disc.


The first track, the one my bride wanted played, featured Amanda Plummer (a wonderful actress) opening with a plethora of obscenities, and we won't go it to great detail, but it was pretty bad.


Well I went out and got a Dick Dale album to play instead. I didn�t want to bother with the cue during the show.  We were doing our normal show during which we do a routine with the groom and the groomsmen to a selection off the Full Monty. I keep my CD�s in books so right across from the Full Monty was the Pulp fiction CD.  We were done with the traditional events at the reception and entering the dance/party phase.


The bride came up and requested I play the Dick Dale selection right now. I was of course eager to please and I threw the Pulp Fiction CD in the player. We were all privileged to listen to Ms Plummer Soliloquy about what she intended to do with peoples� m*%$@* F&^%$ing heads.


Then to make matters worse I absolutely froze, staring down at the CD player in a mix of confusion and bewilderment and everyone staring at me frozen in time. The music started after what seemed to me about a half-hour later, really it was about 30 seconds.


I apologized to the crowd and then on the next song-Abba Dancing queen, I remarked how ABBA never had warning labels on their albums. The bride was ok with it saying it was what she had asked for and forgot about the movie clips.


So from now on when using a new CD it is not a bad idea to give a listen to the first few seconds. Stop, Look and Listen.


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