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 Welcome to the DJ Approved.Com Article Section.  This article was submitted by Mike Connolly.

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By Mike Connolly of Mike Connolly Sound Productions


Your wedding day may take one or two years to plan.  All the details that you agonized over must come together on that day.  The right disc jockey providing the perfect music and atmosphere can make your wedding day surpass even your childhood dreams and bring your friends and family closer than ever imagined.

Now comes the hard part.  Isn’t that always the way?  Finding the right D.J., one that you feel comfortable with, can take some time, but the effort is well worth it.  Do not rely on fancy advertising or third hand references.  Try calling some respected banquet facilities in your area and ask the banquet manager for some referrals. You could also ask some wedding photographers or videographers.  These people see all types and styles of D.J.’s.  Start booking your entertainment immediately after confirming your banquet hall and times.  Most of the better D.J.’s book weddings at least one year in advance.   Just like any other business, you get what you pay for.   Because the entertainment is such a crucial part of the receptions atmosphere, this is not an area where you want to cut the budget.   Remember, do not hire the cheapest D.J. available, Hire the best D.J. that you can afford!

While I do not ever recommend walking into somebody else’s wedding, some banquet halls do have foyers you can watch from without stepping into the room.  This also gives you an opportunity to see how a banquet room is set up and how you can arrange your room to accommodate your style and needs.  I would strongly recommend that you dress appropriately and provide the same respect that you would want at your wedding.

When you finally have a meeting with a D.J., make sure you interview him (or her) and ask  all the questions that concern you and your fiancée before they start their sales pitch.  
Here are some questions to ask.
¨ How many years of experience as a D.J.?
¨ What type of experience is it?  (Wedding experience as opposed to clubs and parties.)
¨ How many people work at the company?   (Are there back-up D.J.’s?)
¨ Is the D.J. that you are interviewing actually going to do your wedding?  If not, insist on meeting and interviewing him.
¨ Ask about their interaction with the crowd.   D.J.’s range from quiet to “off the wall”.
¨ Ask them what they wear to the wedding.   If they do not say “tuxedoes,"  thank them for their time and move on!
¨ Ask them if they play a wide variety of music and how they plan to play something for everyone.
¨ Do they play the guests' requests?   Do they keep requests in good taste and in the atmosphere of the event?
¨ Do they have back-up equipment?
¨ Are they using mostly compact disc’s?    If they are not, they probably are still using rotary phones;  need I say more?
Last, but not least, make sure you and your fiancée feel comfortable and confident with your Disc Jockey.    Trust your instincts.   A wedding D.J. should have the knowledge and ability to run a reception from start to finish but be flexible enough to adjust to your needs.  It seems like a lot of work, but keep in mind that this is your day and it was meant to be enjoyed!

Best of luck,      Mike

Written by Mike Connolly, owner of Mike Connolly Sound Productions Disc Jockey Service in Southington CT.    ©1996

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