Proper etiquette requires that Thank you notes be sent to people who have exerted an effort to send gifts on special occasions. This is a great way for the recipient to show his appreciation and gratitude. Since it is too tacky to send out preprinted notes with only the name of the sender printed in them, Thank You cards wording should be carefully planned and well-thought. It is not always easy to write thank you notes especially if the recipient does not know the other person well or if the recipient simply does not like the gift that was given. Nevertheless, it is always a nice gesture to send out thank you notes.

In formulating appropriate Thank You cards wording, it is important to indicate for what gift, action, or expression is the note for. To make the message more heartfelt, the note may be handwritten. Thank You notes should also be sent as soon as it is possible. Thank You card wording may also be written on informal stationery except if it is a wedding thank you note. Formal greeting and closing should be used together with appropriate Thank You cards wording when writing thank you notes. Formal greeting require that the last name of the note recipient should be used instead of the nickname. The most common closing used for thank you notes are ‘Sincerely’, ‘With love’, and ‘Best Wishes’.

Furthermore, it would be polite to think of appropriate Thank You cards wording for notes that will be sent out after receiving wedding gifts and sympathy letters, flowers or mass cards. The same should also be sent out to people who thoughtfully gave bridal or baby shower gifts, and congratulatory notes or gifts. Thank you notes may also be sent to the host or organizer of a party or gathering where a person is the guest of honor. Finally, thank you notes may also be sent for hospital gifts and gifts received through mail. For birthday gifts that have been received and opened in person, it is no longer required to send out thank you notes since the giver of the gift has been thanked in person.

Thank you notes should be sent out as soon as possible for them to be appreciated. Generally, they should be sent out one week after the gift has been received or the gesture has been done. Thank you notes for hospital gifts, on the other hand, should be sent out as soon as the patient is able to write them. For wedding gift thank you notes, they should be sent out within three months after the gifts had been received. Nevertheless, all thank you notes should be thoughtfully written or else, there is no use sending them.

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